Web Design Theory and Practice


Develop and strengthen your design capabilities and your own unique style and vision. Through in-class projects, lectures, and critiques, learn how design can be used to communicate messages and tell stories. Intended to enhance conceptual and problem-solving skills, this class provides a solid foundation of the design process from concept development–developing ideas along with the verbal and visual information to support them–to exploring how to communicate those ideas visually.

Prerequisite: Photoshop: Fundamentals/X36.9003, Flash: Fundamentals/X36.9242, and Dreamweaver: Fundamentals/X36.9243, or equivalent knowledge.

Recommended: 2-D Design Principles/X36.9220, Conceptualization/X36.9221, Typography I/X36.9015, and Design: Past, Present, and Future/X36.9222.

Faculty Information

S. Libby Clarke

Course Location & Dates

Woolworth Building, 15 Barclay
Monday 6:00pm-9:30pm
July 12: Session 1
July 19: Session 2
July 26: Session 3
August 2: Session 4
August 9: Session 5
August 16: Session 6